Innovation is a technical fact, a scientific method which, when applied, brings about the success of an idea, an intuition, a proposal. Above all, it is the result of a mental attitude, a psychological predisposition to be fed with research, confrontation, exchange of several points of view.

Ceflar Finishing Concept is located in Cantanhede and started the activity in 1994.

Our primary objective is following a very strong sales strategy and customer orientation, this politcy increased the number of customers and consequently our business volume.

At the end of nineties, Ceflar has been flowing a big and sustained growth.
We represent Cefla Finishing Group, the world leader for the coating of wood and for the finishind of other types of surfaces.

Ceflar and Cefla work together to give the better know-how and tecnology systems for our customers.

In 2008 the plant location was changed with the main goal of increasing the business, already growing very fast at that time. The new plant location have a new warehouse for the stock of raw and replacement material.

Quality policy system( ISO 9001 ) since 2006.

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Portuguese official distributor of the largest international group of finishing machines, Cefla Finishing, which it itself a factor of garanty, quality and innovation.


In 2008, Ceflar increased its facilities, now providing greater storage capacity for components and equipment, in order to respond quickly to customer requests.


The expertise acquired from years of experience and unique know-how also make a driving force in the glass, plastic, fibre cement and metal industry.


Experience, expertise and a spirit of innovation have always contributed to the growth of our company. This is the real strength of the group: to make innovation the real vehicle to achieve the necessary changes and add value to our customers.